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Nearly 30 million American adults have chronic sinusitis. If you have unrelenting sinusitis symptoms like postnasal drip, facial pain, and headaches, a minimally invasive procedure called balloon sinuplasty can give you long-lasting relief. At ENT Specialists of Alaska, the team of experts can help you with all your ear, nose, and throat needs. They have locations in Wasilla and Eagle River, Alaska, as well as several partner clinics, including Alyeska Center for Facial Plastic Surgery & ENT, and Geneva Woods Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, in Anchorage, Alaska. Book an appointment by calling the office or scheduling online.

Balloon Sinuplasty Q&A

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional sinus surgery. This endoscopic procedure opens blocked sinus passages to restore proper drainage. Balloon sinuplasty also makes it easier to deliver medication through the nasal passages where needed. 

How does balloon sinuplasty work?

Generally, your ENT Specialists of Alaska doctor administers light sedation or local anesthesia for a balloon sinuplasty, which ensures a stress-free and comfortable procedure. With balloon sinuplasty, your surgeon places a balloon catheter into your blocked sinus. 

Then, your doctor inflates the balloon to dilate the sinus opening. They flush your sinus thoroughly using a sterile saline solution to remove any buildup of mucus and pus. 

The balloon sinuplasty procedure restructures a blocked sinus in a gentle way. Unlike traditional sinus surgery, your surgeon doesn’t remove sinus tissue or bone. 

This means less bleeding and faster recovery. Many patients return to their normal routine within a day or two of this procedure. 

Am I a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty?

You meet with your ENT Specialists of Alaska doctor to discuss your condition and your treatment options. Balloon sinuplasty is often the treatment of choice for chronic sinusitis that doesn’t respond to conservative treatments like antibiotics. 

If you have frequent breathing difficulties, sinus headaches, postnasal drip, or other bothersome and painful sinusitis symptoms, balloon sinuplasty could be the best treatment to ease your symptoms for the long term. 

In certain cases, balloon sinuplasty isn’t the right surgery for you. For example, if you have nasal polyps, a badly deviated septum, or a more severe nasal passage abnormality, your doctor may recommend another kind of surgery to remove the growths and allow clear breathing. 

Because it’s a minimally invasive procedure, balloon sinuplasty is safe for both adults and children who have chronic sinusitis. Your child’s doctor can use a special type of pediatric catheter to perform the procedure safely on your child. 

If you’re suffering from chronic nasal infections and persistent symptoms like headaches, facial pain, and postnasal drip, balloon sinuplasty at ENT Specialists of Alaska could change your life.

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