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ENT Specialists of Alaska

What to Expect If You Get Cochlear Implants

Getting Cochlear Implants Isn’t Like Taking a Pill 

You won’t have the surgery and then immediately hear clearly. In fact, there’s a recovery period of 2 to 4 weeks where your incision heals before we add the external part of the device. At that appointment we’ll activate and program the external part of the device which will start sending electrical signals to the cochlear nerve. This is the first time you’ll hear through the implant. You may need to come in a few times that first week to adjust the settings as your ear adjusts to the new sounds. 

You Need to Commit to Practicing With Your New Device

You didn’t lose your hearing overnight, and you won’t get it back instantaneously. Learning to hear again is a gradual process. Success also requires commitment to follow-up aural therapy, practice, and patience. During these visits we can also do any necessary fine-tuning to the programming. More importantly, these visits will help you adapt to your device so you can enjoy an improved quality of life.

Your therapy sessions may include:

  • Training to recognize sensory stimuli and to discern language.
  • Building up stamina and concentration for longer periods of sensory stimulation.
  • Learning techniques for improving communication.
  • Counseling on how to use your new device effectively.

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