ENT Specialists of Alaska

ENT Specialists of Alaska

Sinus CT Scan in Anchorage, Alaska

“Instead of three visits, which may require significant time away from work or extra child care, patient evaluation is completed in one visit. Get your diagnosis during your office exam so you can begin your treatment and start feeling better faster!” Same day diagnosis may minimize the quantity of office co-pays, depending on your insurance provider.

MiniCAT™ CT Scans Provide In-Office Diagnosis

Mini CAT Imaging Machine

We understand that your time is valuable and that suffering with sinus and ear problems can rob you of that valuable time. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, most efficient care possible so that you get fast, effective relief.

One way we do that is by making sure we have the most advanced diagnostic technology available to expedite your diagnosis. One of the tools used for diagnosing sinus- and ear-related problems is a computed tomography (CT or CAT) scanner. CT scanners create three-dimensional x-ray images of the anatomy, giving physicians valuable information for an accurate diagnosis.

Until recently, physicians had to send patients to hospitals or imaging centers for sinus or ear scans taken on large, donut-shaped full body CT scanners. Having these tests performed off-site caused delays in diagnosis and treatment. By using the latest advancements in CT technology, however, our doctors can now take sinus and ear CT scans in our office with the Xoran® MiniCAT™ scanner.

Our Xoran® MiniCAT™ scanner is a small, upright CT scanner that creates fast, exceptional quality images of the sinuses and ears. You can be comforted that the Xoran® MiniCAT™ not only optimizes image quality but minimizes radiation dose in accordance with ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). For more information on radiation dose, visit www.xorantech.com. Because a MiniCAT™ scanner is located in our office, your doctor can take your CT scan during your examination.

Xorax® MiniCAT™ scans are comfortable and quick

  • You sit comfortably upright in the scanner chair.
  • We position your head.
  • We start the scan (adult scans take 40 seconds and pediatric scans take only 20 seconds).
  • Shortly after the scan is complete, we sit down with you, review the images and determine a treatment plan.
  • With Xorax® MiniCAT™, we can diagnose your problem fast and begin your treatment right away ‐ giving you faster relief from your symptoms.

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